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Narvall CC Mandibular Advancement

A new paradigm in the personalised treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea.

The Narval CC mandibular advancement medical device was designed to offer the highest possible comfort in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring in adults.

Through an optimal articulation method, the Narval CC device keeps the jaw in a position that enables the opening of the airways in a natural and convenient way while you sleep.

A great idea in a small device

We know that comfort is a key factor for its regular and consistent use, and is consequently fundamental in the medium and long-term results. Narval CC was designed by ResMed to be the lightest and smallest oral device on the market.

Discrete and easy to use

Light but resistant

Easy to adapt

Does not need batteries or cables
Paciente saudável
Healthy Patient
(open airways)
Paciente com Apneia Obstrutiva do Sono não tratada
Patient with untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
(closed airways – apnoea)

Customised design

Narval CC is designed and manufactured by ResMed customised to your specific oral anatomy. A precise adjustment means greater comfort, which facilitates its adaptation and regular use during the night.

Regular use of the device is indispensable to obtain long-term results.

Narval CC: comfort made-to-measure

Narval CC™ is a clinically confirmed medical device manufactured in a customised form by the company ResMed, which, over the past 25 years, has developed numerous solutions for the treatment of sleep ... Read more

A personalised design that starts with the dentist

The personalised design of Narval CC starts at the dentist. Choose a dentist with experience in dental sleep medicine. The dentist will conduct a careful observation of your mouth and if you do not ... Read more

A personalised solution that maximises your comfort

Once the dental impressions of your teeth are received at the ResMed laboratory, a Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) system will be used to produce an oral device created specifically for you. Read more

Comprehensive approach

Narval CC is designed to reduce the stress on your teeth and jaw muscles 3 and to make it easier and simpler for the dentist to find the right balance between comfort and efficacy of the treatment.

Pulling the jaw forward to allow the airway to open during sleep may optimize treatment, however, it will not be comfortable. A small advancement of the jaw will certainly be more comfortable; however, it will not be as effective. Therefore, you will start with the level of advancement you need and then, gradually, adjust the oral device over time, as you adapt to it.
 Read more

A few minutes of effort to gain hours of sleep

Regular use of the Narval CC oral device leads to the success of the treatment. Snoring disappears in almost 90%1 of patients and the sleep apnoea decreases by 50%1
Its regular use means success: almost 90% Read more
Narval CC Resmed
Narval CC Resmed
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4. A +A Healthcare study undertaken with 95 patients who wore Narval CC (Equinoxe in France) in 2011.
5. Since 01/01/2012, in the framework of a ‘satisfied or reimbursed’ offer by ResMed in France, only 56 patients out of 5103 asked to be reimbursed.

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